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Project Details

One of LLEAD's requirements is that members complete a project.

Why a project?


The project must address a need or issue for your organization or for the library and/or information sector, and it must be sponsored by your manager or a sector leader.  Some LLEAD members have completed projects for a library or information sector association, in which cases the sponsor has been the association executive director.  In reality, every project has a steering committee, sponsor or 'owner', which is why your project for LLEAD must have a sponsor. 


The purpose of the project is to provide you with an opportunity to:

  • pull together all elements of LLEAD

  • purposefully use the five managerial mindsets, deepening your mastery of the framework

  • address an organizational or sector need or issue that is meaningful for you and important to your organization, manager or sponsor

  • influence and collaborate with a range of stakeholders and/or partners in a variety of departments or functions

  • manage a project that results in practical deliverables to a real situation

  • work with your manager or sponsor, reporting to them about the project and about your progress through LLEAD. ​

Examples of projects undertaken by LLEAD students:

  • Updated, virtual training and development site for a large CULC/CBUC public library that provides a consistent approach throughout the system for onboarding new employees through to leadership development options

  • Comprehensive needs assessment for an additional library branch including: potential locations, and service delivery model, and communication plan for council and city staff, etc.

  • Proposal for the creation of a new division at a Canadian research university library that will integrate research data management, digital publishing, data services, digital repositories, and preservation

  • Report on and recommendations for a public library regarding its integrated library system (ILS) – replace or continue?

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Dr. Shailoo Bedi

Learning Guide

Executive Director, Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation, University of Victoria

Having cohort members from a variety of library systems and library types really added to the experience. I enjoyed learning more about the academic libraries and their roles and organizations - during wise counsel sessions it almost always offered a completely different perspective on the issue. I was also able to better understand how/why senior administration made certain decisions that perhaps I didn't understand at the time.


2020 LLEAD Graduate

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