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Project Details

One of LLEAD's requirements is that members complete a project for their organization (either the parent organization or their department) or for the library and information sector.   

The project should:

  • allow members to pull together all elements of LLEAD

  • demonstrate their learnings of the five managerial mindsets, and be an opportunity to purposefully use the five minds -- individually and holistically

  • address an organizational need or an issue related to the library and information sector that is meaningful for the member and important to their manager

​Members must have a senior sponsor for their project; if the project is not for their organization but rather is for the sector, members must have a sponsor from a library and information sector association or academic program. 

Members and their sponsor ensure that the project:

  • involves a range of stakeholders and/or partners in a variety of departments or functions

  • results in practical deliverables to real situations

  • will be implemented; while the deliverables may not be implemented by November 2021, there should be intent and planning for implementation. ​

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Dr. Shailoo Bedi

Curriculum Designer and Mentor

Having cohort members from a variety of library systems and library types really added to the experience. I enjoyed learning more about the academic libraries and their roles and organizations - during wise counsel sessions it almost always offered a completely different perspective on the issue. I was also able to better understand how/why senior administration made certain decisions that perhaps I didn't understand at the time.


2020 LLEAD Graduate