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Maggie Weaver LLEAD Fellowship

The Maggie Weaver LLEAD Fellowship, established in loving memory of the indomitable Maggie Weaver by her husband, Keith Weaver is granted to two LLEAD students who exemplify Maggie’s qualities and values. Tenacious, curious, intelligent, energetic, creative, and quick to beam a warm smile, Maggie led from any place and was an outstanding contributor to the information sector and all those fortunate to come into her orbit.


The stipend of $4200CDN ($3100USD) is paid directly to LLEAD towards student tuition; students are responsible for paying for balance of the tuition. 

The Fellowship

A Maggie Weaver LLEAD Fellow:

  • During LLEAD, initiates and leads a project, as per the LLEAD curriculum, for their organization or for the LLEAD Institute, that embodies the values and characteristics of inclusive, creative leadership following best practices for project management and collaboration.

    • Provide a photo (headshot) and brief bio for the LLEAD Institute website.

  • After LLEAD, shares project learning and outcomes through presentations, conferences, blogs, journals and other channels, identifying themselves as a Maggie Weaver LLEAD Fellow.

  • Serves as ambassador to other library and information sector leaders for the Fellowship and the LLEAD Institute

  • Develops a professional network with other Fellows to enhance future career opportunities.


Fellows are supported by the LLEAD Institute Director and Learning Guides. They will provide overarching support and meet with Fellows annually at OLA’s Super Conference, other appropriate conferences, and one virtual MeetUp with Mr. Weaver, LLEAD Institute leadership, and other senior library and information professional leaders.

The Fellowship supports two LLEAD students who:

  • Share Maggie’s joy in learning skills, tools, and approaches to lead from any place in the information sector;

  • Commit to being contributing member of the LLEAD cohort and this unique group of Fellows through service and/or research for LLEAD and the information sector. 


To be eligible applicants must demonstrate:

1. That they have contributed:

  • As a volunteer to the information sector or to their community or a charitable cause;

  • As an employee or student, to champion an initiative  and to show an interest in helping others or in encouraging the confidence and capabilities of others through mentoring, networking, and personal outreach. 

2. That they intend to work in and contribute to the information sector for at least two years after completing the LLEAD program, and for at least five years to the LLEAD program.

Preference will be given to an applicant who:

  • Is a member of an equity-deserving group;

  • Demonstrates financial need;

  • Has graduated from a post-secondary institution with a diploma, apprenticeship, or certification. Please note that applicants do not require a university degree.


 With your LLEAD application include:

  1. An additional resume that provides a comprehensive overview of your contribution to your work, community, charity for which you are passionate or the information sector.

  2. Two reference letters to support your Fellowship application and attest to your contributions and commitment to helping others:

    • One from someone you work with or report to, and

    • One from someone in an association or community/charitable group with which you are involved.

  3. A personal statement of:

    • Why you are applying for the Fellowship and what it will mean to receive it.

    • Evidence of your commitment to the core values of LLEAD's Learning Environment, described in The Program overview (see here)

    • How completing the LLEAD program will contribute to the information sector and to helping your organization and others solve "real-world problems." 

For more information, download:

The Criteria

The Application

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