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Program Fees and Submission

Fees cover your full year of the program*, including:


LLEAD5: Dates & Fees

  • Begins December 2022; Residential is January 15 - 20, 2023

  • $5592.00 CAD, early-bird registration until August 1, 2022

  • $5992.00 CAD, as of August 2, 2022

LLEAD6: Dates & Fees

  • Begins December 2023; Residential is January 7 - 12, 2024

  • $5992.00 CAD, early-bird registration until July 2, 2023

  • $6392.00 CAD, as of July 3, 2023, no extensions


Payment Terms

50% is due within 2 weeks of receiving your acceptance into LLEAD and is non-refundable.
The remaining 50% is due October 1st and is non-refundable.


InterLINK members contact InterLINK.


LLEAD operates on a cost-recovery model and is responsible for facilities booked 12 months in advance.

*Fees do not cover transportation or some texts or diagnostic tools.


You are required to bring the results of a preferences/perceptions diagnostic completed during the previous 36 months. This can be either Myers-Briggs or DISC. If you have not completed one of these tools some costs may be involved, which we do our best to keep under $300.

Looking for Options?

We often get the question, "what if my organization doesn't support me to attend LLEAD?"  Many of us pursued degrees and professional development without employer support. We understand your uneasiness. You may need to fund yourself and use holidays to attend sessions.  If you are concerned about having the support of a sector leader, engaging in an organization-wide project, or having a courageous conversation with your manager - talk with us.  Ultimately your career is your responsibility. It's a big decision, and we'll provide information for you to make the best decision for you - at this point in your career. 

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Application & Fees

Enrolment is limited to 25 participants

As soon as you decide to develop your strategic thinking, senior management capabilities and leadership strengths prepare your application package!
Bursaries are available from BC's Public Libraries Branch for those from BC's public libraries and from EBSCO for those from Canada's college and university libraries.  

Your Application Package has four parts

1. Application letter

​Address the following questions in no more than 2 pages:

  • Why are you interested in LLEAD?

  • Why are you interested in being a senior manager or in assuming leadership roles in the library and information sector?

  • What are some key challenges confronting the library and information sector (whether it is academic, public, government, information services, corporate, etc.), and what skills and approaches do you - and will you - need as a leader and senior manager to address these? 

  • How will your current individual strengths, skills and perspectives contribute to the LLEAD cohort's experience?

  • What is your willingness - or your organization's willingness - to assume the registration fee, transportation costs and any incidental expenses?

2.  Your resume

3.  Letters of Support​

  • Two letters, one from a senior leader in your organization OR senior leader in an information sector organization, and one from the individual to whom you report

  • Both letters:

    • Attest to your readiness and potential to manage strategic functions or initiatives, and be a transformational leader.​

    • Confirm that they will support you ideate and implement your learning development plan as the LLEAD program progresses.

4.  Bursary Application

  • From your sector (if applicable)


"I’ve found this program to be some of the most valuable professional development I’ve experienced in my career and very applicable to my job which is in the information sector and not in a library. The curriculum is clearly so thoughtfully developed and I really appreciate the sharing of experiences from both the intensive and virtual meetings. The content is on management and leadership and it is a really supportive atmosphere. The diverse range of individuals participating makes it a more rounded program. Different backgrounds and provinces make for interesting conversations and perspectives. The “Wise Counsel” technique is an indispensable tool - I led a “Wise Counsel” with my staff team a few weeks ago with really great results."


LLEAD 2022 Participant

Kristy Hennings

Branch Manager

Okanagan Regional Library

LLEAD 2020 Grad

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