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The Program

LLEAD7 launches October 5, 2024 with bi-weekly real-time virtual classes, then an in-person intensive followed by more interactive bi-weekly virtual sessions to April 4, 2025. 

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In-Person Intensive: 


The week I spent at Loon Lake was pivotal. It changed my way of thinking, boosted my personal game and elevated me for what the next few months would bring.


2022 LLEAD grad

.Live Virtual Classes
We meet virtually for 3 hours every 2nd Friday. There is
preparation for each class.
To fully participate in and enjoy the virtual sessions you'll need
reliable connectivity and, if possible, a monitor or screen > 25"
to be able to see everyone on one screen. 

We recommend you schedule 3 hours each Friday from
October 5/24  to April 5/25. Eleven of those Fridays will be
virtual classes; the other Fridays will be preparation, applying
tools and concepts and for reflection and deeper learning.
It's important that you and your manager agree to the LLEAD schedule and priorities.

In-Person Intensive
Check-in at the Loon Lake facility is November 24, 2024 @ 4:00pmPT.  We conclude at NoonPT on November 29, 2024.  The Centre is a one-hour car ride from Vancouver International Airport. You'll receive many more details in September. 


​All LLEAD discussions are grounded in confidentiality agreements and geared to building self-efficacy, confidence and self-awareness, as well as learning to collaborate and influence effectively.​


You're encouraged to you apply what you are learning on an initiative or project that's important for your organization. More information is here.


Virtual Classes are 9:00amPT - NoonPT  

October 5, 2024;

November 1; November 15;

December 13, 2024  

January 10, 2025; January 24;

February 7; February 21;

March 7; March 21, 2025

Final Presentations and Graduation: 

April 4, 2025 to which Managers are invited. 


Monique Liddle

Manager Operations

North Vancouver Public Library


“LLEAD was a pivotal turning point in my library career. The Loon Lake Intensive served as a chance to start the process of self awareness critical to my growth as a leader, while having the chance to bond with my fellow LLEAD participants and mentors, all of whom have become a trusted circle of support since well after the program ended.” 

- 2016 LLEAD Grad

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