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LLEAD is a unique cross-sector 12-month leader development program for those in library and information environments working in any type of organization. Based on research of the most effective development programs for senior leaders in profit and non-profit sectors, the LLEAD curriculum scaffolds learning, practice and relationship-building for participants to gain the know-how, resilience and critical thinking required of senior managers.  The learning framework is based on Henry Mintzberg's five managerial mindsets: self, relationships, organization, context, change

LLEAD includes a 6-day intensive residential, plus twice-monthly live virtual sessions, with ongoing, on-demand mentoring and coaching.  Participants work on a project for their organization sponsored by a senior manager. Program details are here. 


At the heart of the program is peer-based problem-solving and the deep collegial bonds developed through a 12-month intensive. Mentoring, coaching and instruction by experienced professionals from academic, public and corporate sectors ensure LLEAD's graduates demonstrate the self-awareness and abilities to influence strategic outcomes at the organizational and community, campus or corporate level.

50% of LLEAD grads are now in key management positions

LLEAD began as all enriching programs do: with a vision

Dr. Ken Haycock envisioned a library and information sector with the leadership capacity to best serve and advance the quality of life for the people who live, work and study in their communities, campuses, organizations, corporations.

Anyone who knows Ken knows his passion for evidence. LLEAD had to be evidence based. Under Ken's direction,  research was conducted on leadership development in for-profit and not-for-profit settings to identify evidence-based best practices. These research findings were subsequently validated by a needs assessment of employers.

Rebecca Jones co-designed the program with Ken and is honoured to lead it following Ken's retirement. Dr. Shailoo Bedi has joined Rebecca to continue to shape curriculum relevant for the realities for 2020 and 2021. 


Public Library InterLINK, a federation of public libraries in Lower Mainland British Columbia, shared Ken's vision. InterLINK underwrote LLEAD's development, nurturing it through the initial co-horts. Passionate about the leadership for BC's library and information sector, InterLINK recognizes that the this leadership and the sector span provincial boundaries. InterLINK continues to work with Rebecca, the mentors, instructors, LLEAD members and grads, plus associations and suppliers for the whole sector to benefit from this incredible program and realize the LLEAD vision.


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