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Program Details

We all grow together

With its distinctive practical, research-based curriculum, LLEAD is the only 12-month intensive program designed for those working in all types of libraries or information management organizations. 
Supported by a strong curriculum, expert principals and mentors, participants learn and practice new ways of thinking and doing, and build life-long relationships. Diversity, inclusivity and belonging is not a session; these are at LLEAD's core. 
We all grow together, taking our individual and collective knowledge, resilience and critical thinking to the next level for our libraries, organizations, and sector. 
Together we are developing the insights and know-how required to influence strategic outcomes at the organizational, community, campus and corporate levels.

The program launches with a virtual welcoming for the cohort, followed by residential intensives:

November 21-26, 2021 for half of the cohort
January 30 - February 4, 2022 for half of the cohort
@ UBC's Loon Lake Koerner Forestry Centre
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Six-day Residential

Pandemic permitting, we begin with a six-day intensive - two intensives at the UBC Loon Lake Retreat Centre so that we are following public health guidelines and everyone will have their own room . Actually - your preparation will begin in October 2021!


At the residential, you'll start to work on their own project; address a complex case study based on actual situations in a collaborative team; dive into Mintzberg's five managerial mindsets. You'll be guided by qualified, trained mentors from from innovative public and academic libraries who work with you throughout the next year - and often after graduation​.

Discussions are grounded in confidentiality agreements and geared to building self-efficacy, confidence and self-awareness, as well as learning to collaborate and influence effectively.​

Twice-Monthly Live Virtual Sessions

In December we begin our live virtual sessions. We meet virtually for 2 or 3 hours (curriculum dependent) every second Friday with a program lead facilitating. Preparation is required.


Typical Agenda
  • a member presents their issue to a small group to practice problem-solving using Wise Counsel methodology (with a deep respect for confidentiality), feedback and listening

  • members discuss their projects with LLEAD colleagues and mentors - seeking advice, talking through issues, etc.

  • an authority in a specific topic teaches and guides the discussion of the topic. Topics range from decision-making to project management and stakeholder assessment to power, governance and influencing the influencers. ​


One of LLEAD's requirements is that you complete a project for your organization (either the parent organization or your department), or for the library and information sector. More information is here.


Project Review and Celebration

​At the end of the program, in November 2022, we gather virtually joined by the managers who have supported the members. ​Each member presents their project.


Most importantly, we celebrate your accomplishments and acknowledge your graduation to the next stage of your career.


Monique Liddle

Manager Operations

North Vancouver Public Library


“LLEAD was a pivotal turning point in my library career. The 5-day institute served as a chance to start the process of self awareness critical to my growth as a leader, while having the chance to bond with my fellow LLEAD participants and mentors, all of whom have become a trusted circle of support since well after the program ended.” 

- 2016 LLEAD Grad