Program Components

  • Curriculum design and program approach:

    • Is based on solid research and evidence in business, education, librarianship and the not-for-profit sectors

    • Focuses on peer-based problem-solving,  leadership styles and their implications, teamwork, crucial conversations, strategic thinking, effective communication, project management, coaching, conflict resolution, influencing, demonstrating value, labour relations, governance, financial literacy and building diverse, inclusive workplaces

  • Discussions are grounded in confidentiality agreements and geared to building self-efficacy, confidence and self-awareness, as well as learning to collaborate and influence effectively


  • Six-day residential intensive: November 21-26, 2021 @ Loon Lake, BC


  • Twice-monthly (Friday) 3-hour sessions using a live virtual platform. These concentrate on problem-solving discussions of individual issues, case studies and learning components of managerial situational leadership

  • ​Management of a "real" project required by the organization under the sponsorship of a senior manager

  • Ongoing and on-demand support by trained, experienced mentors and coaches from public and academic sectors

  • Professional development plan for each participant, committed to by senior management (if appropriate)

Program Specifics


Participants and the managers supporting their involvement begin required preparatory work in September 2021.




Six-day Residential:


November 21-26, 2021 at the Koerner Forestry Centre at Loon Lake Lodge, BC.


Each member begins work on their own project; addresses a complex case study based on actual situations in a collaborative team; does a deep dive into Mintzberg's five minds, particularly self, relationships and context.  They are guided by qualified, trained mentors from outside their organization who work with them throughout the next year - and often after graduation​.



One of LLEAD's requirements is that members complete a project for their organization (either the parent organization or their department) or for the library and information sector.   The project should:

- allow members to pull together all elements of LLEAD

- demonstrate their learnings of the five minds, and be an opportunity to purposefully use the five minds    individually and holistically

- address an organizational need or an issue related to the library and information sector that is     meaningful for the member and important to their manager

​Members must have a senior sponsor for their project; if the project is not for their organization but rather is for the sector, members must have a sponsor from a library and information sector association or academic program. 

Members and their sponsor are to ensure that the project:

- involves a range of stakeholders or partners in a variety of departments or organizational functions

- results in practical deliverables to real situations; while the deliverables may not be implemented by November 2022, there should be intent and planning for implementation. ​

Twice-Monthly Live Virtual Sessions:


Members gather for 3 hours on Friday's with a program lead facilitating. Preparation is required.


Typical agenda:

  • a member presents their issue to a small group to practice problem-solving using Wise Counsel methodology (with a deep respect for confidentiality), feedback and listening

  • an authority in a specific topic teaches and guides the discussion of the topic


Project Review and Celebration:

At the end of the program, in November 2022, we gather virtually joined by the managers who have supported the members. 

Each cohort member presents their project.


Most importantly, we celebrate their accomplishments and acknowledge their graduation to the next stage of their career.

Share our vision. Be part of making it a reality. For years to come.

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