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​For those with Canada's College and University Libraries

EBSCO, an industry leader that has long invested in the library business, is investing in library leadership development. LLEAD is delighted and honoured that EBSCO is supporting LLEAD. EBSCO's support allows LLEAD to offer bursaries of up to $1000 CAD each for LLEAD students from Canada's college and university libraries. The EBSCO LLEAD Bursary provides financial assistance to Canadian librarians, information professionals or library staff members employed in a Canadian college or university library who would not otherwise have the financial means to participate in LLEAD.

For those with BC Public Libraries

The Public Libraries Branch will provide $1000 CAD bursaries for six students from BC's small or remote libraries who would otherwise not be able to participate. 

How to apply​

Please include a Bursary Application Letter (one page) in your application package.

Your one-page letter should tell us:

  • your name, 

  • the bursary for which you are applying (EBSCO or BC Public Libraries Branch),

  • a bit about you, and how the bursary will contribute to your personal and professional growth, and to your contribution to the sector, and finally

  • how you will acknowledge the investment EBSCO or the Public Libraries Branch is making in your learning journey, and possibly show the bursary donor your appreciation or their 'return on investment'

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Financial Support

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LLEAD is directly responsible for helping me achieve a place at the Leadership table that I had until then found every excuse to avoid! Throughout the year there wasn’t a topic, presenter or speaker that didn’t elevate my understanding of key concepts and principles needed to be effective in my role as a manager. The net result was that I not only benefited from an engaged and resourceful network of colleagues and mentors, but it paved the way for me to move into a managerial position that I had never felt confident enough to pursue, previously. - LLEAD 2016 Grad

Paul Burry

Library Director,

Prince George Public Library

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